The Noah Robinson Monument

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The above is a link to a photo of me standing aside The Noah Robinson Monument.


Local historians will know the importance of this monument to the people of Swinton and what it means to being Swintonian.


The monument was erected in memory of a gentleman called Noah Robinson who did much for Swinton people and the town of Swinton & Pendlebury.


Mr Robinson campaigned to improve the lives of Swintonians and examples of his work included his fight to combat disease by the introduction of clean drinking water to the town and much more.


He was so highly regarded by Swinton people The Noah Robinson monument was erected and was cared for by the then Borough of Swinton & Pendlebury Town Council. It is sited in the gardens opposite Swinton police station.


I am hoping you can see the picture and see the poor condition of the monument as it stands today. I have asked Salford Council to restore the monument and they are considering it. I will not hold my breath then !


However, how very sad that Salford Council have been so disrespectful to a true gentleman and a TRUE Swintonian who did so much for the town by letting the monument go into this state. Perhaps is a reflection of how Salford City Council treats our beloved Swinton too with total disrespect.

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