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My activities in Swinton & Pendlebury

Castleway - On behalf of residents I am making enquiries about having the low rise blocks fenced off to help prevent anti-social behaviour. Sefton Rd - On a recent visit I counted over 30 potholes in the street which I reported to Salford City Council....

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The allotment movement

I have been a member of the allotment movement for nearly 20 years and even though I no longer have a plot I am still a member of The National Society of Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Lts, the UK wide equivalent of the union for allotment holders. You...

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Monday 1st August 2011

My day started getting up to be at Salford City Council for 8.30 am as I needed to check the electoral register to get the name of the City West employee that threatened me when delivering leaflets last Friday for The Community Action Party. At 9.00 am...

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