You Labour councillor's raking it in !

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Over recent months many of you have commented about how our town has deteriorated since Salford City Council took over in 1974. Salford City Council controlled by the Labour Party.


So while Swinton has been neglected lets see what Labour councillors have been paid for their excellent work ? NOT !


Above is an official link to Salford Council's website which tells you what they were paid exactly in 2010/2011 so lets look at a few :-


1) Career politician Labour Councillor Derek Antrobus, Swinton North Councillor & Lead member for Planning - the man responsible for the deterioration of our TOP Rd where shops have been left for over a decade blighting our community and the man responsible for allowing the TOP Rd to be turned into "take-away" city. The man responsible for the 35 million pound "Chapel St" FIASCO !


In allowances & expenses he was paid last year £23,091.00 Twenty Three Thousand & Ninety One Pounds Only.


2)  Career politician Labour Councillor Bill Hinds, Swinton North councillor & Lead Member for Finance - Salford has one of the highest council taxes in Greater manchester and the council is £600 millions in DEBT.


In allowances & expenses he was paid last year £23,091.00 Twenty Three Thousand & Ninety One Pounds only.


One more example -


3) Career politician Labour leader of Salford City Council Councillor John Merry - For running one of the most incompetent organisations in Greater manchester !


In allowances & expences he was paid last year £38,265.00 Thirty-Eight Thousand Two Hundred & Sixty Five Pounds Only.


And this just 3 leading Labour councillors.


Salford Labour raking it in.


A directly-elected mayor would remove this waste of our money by reducing the number of councillors on Salford City Council.


Is this the real reason why Salford Labour are so opposed to an elected mayor elected by you the people for the people because they will lose their fancy perks, councillors allowances and expenses ?


This city has this once in a lifetime opportunity. We will never get a second chance.

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