Asda Planning application, Swinton.

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Is it me or is the Asda planning application a done deal ? Lets look at the evidence !


Number 1 to 10 Chadwick walk is being demolished to make way for the new Asda.


The application was only submitted to Salford Council a few weeks ago. Many, many months ago Chadwick Walk and its footpath was resurfaced.


And have a guess which part ? Yes from number 11 onwards ! Can you believe that ? Or is it that it was just by coincidence that it only needed resurfacing from number 11 onwards ? I dont think so.


I have received a message who says he knows someone who has said an MP has said the Asda proposal is going ahead even though due process has yet to take place.


And whether we think a new Asda is good for Swinton or not I do not know about you but I have these concerns ?


On Swinton Hall Rd is a burial ground for the Swinton Unitarian Church where bygone Swintonians lay in peace. I am told by Salford Council that Asda want to remove this burial ground and Salford Council planning officer has said it complies with the development plan.


The Council has also told me that Asda has not looked into whether other plans could be considered where the burial ground remains in place undisturbed.


  And is going in its place ? The stores car park.


  Am sorry have considered everything about this it stinks to high heaven. Not to consider alternatives so the dead can lay in peace is completely disrespectful and wrong.


It seems a done deal and no way should bygone Swintonians be disturbed for the sake of a few car parking spaces. They should be allowed to rest in peace.  



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