We need a strong political representation to oppose Salford Labour !

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The Community Action party candidate for Salford Mayor and candidate for the ward of Swinton North Michael Moulding outlines his reasons why Salford needs strong characters at Salford Council !

Since 1974 the Labour Party has controlled Salford City Council, an elite of councillors that have become known as "Salford Labour". Not a single councillor or political grouping has come anywhere near to even challenging Salford Labours grip on Salford Council and don't we all know about it ?

Democracy is how we do things in government whether it be locally or nationally and its just as important that when you have a strong controlling Council that you have a strong opposition to challenge in the strongest possible terms the power of the controlling group.

Sadly, the Community Action Party in Salford believe this is what is lacking in Salford and has probably just has been as big a failure than the mess the controlling group has made of Salford.

A directly-elected mayor other than the Labour Party will have limited powers in the event that the Council is made up of predominantly Labour councillors which seems likely.

Even the right single councillor with the work ethic, determination to get things done and to be there to challenge any decisions that are made that do not serve the interests of the electorate can make a massive impact.

Its about making your voice heard at Salford Council, challenging the officers at every opportunity, using the procedures to put forward your idea's and campaigning in communities, including in Labour heartlands to take the case to the electorate.

Therefore, whether its one Mayor, one councillor or several councillors and/or a Mayor the Community Action Party in Salford give a commitment to work hard and challenge Labour at every opportunity not only in Council but in their heartlands to make the case.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "Salford has sufferred from an extremely poor opposition and it could get worse. Salford needs a strong party with strong councillors and/or a Mayor that is going to stand up to Labour. I have a proud record of standing up to Labour, in their heartlands. I am not afraid of them and I will take them on at every opportunity."

Mike continues "The Community Action Party have fielded strong candidates and the people of Salford can be rest assured that our representation at Salford Council will be felt by the powerful political careerist elite."

The Community Action Party have fielded the following candidates in this years elections :-

Michael Moulding for Salford Mayor
Geoff Ashall for Swinton South
Gillian Welsh for Pendlebury.
Michael Moulding for Swinton North.
Matt Andrews for Claremont.
Jo Russell for Weaste & Seedley. END

Right - Gillian Welsh Pendlebury ward.


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