Zero-tolerance to Crime & anti-social behaviour !

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The Community Action Party candidate for Salford mayor Michael Moulding reveals his experiences of being a victim of crime in Salford and why he supports a zero-tolerance approach in Salford !

Zero Tolerance to Crime & Anti-Social behaviour !

The Community Action Party has a zero tolerance to crime & anti-social behaviour.

As a serious victim of crime & anti-social behaviour (see my blogs at address below) I fully support and proudly advocate our parties policy.

Mike Moulding Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "It is time for ZERO TOLERANCE of drug dealers, arsonists, thugs, thieves and racists. Those that use and carry guns and knives."

Michael Moulding continues "Salford needs a zero-tolerance approach to crime and anti-social behaviour. I have been dismayed that such henious crimes have brought shame to Salford and under my stewardship a zero-tolerance approach to crime will be implemented. I will not tolerate crime in Salford !"

The Community Action Party in Salford has noted that in 2011 we had the Salford riots and one of the most henious crimes ever committed in our city, Anuj Bidve. We note that Salford, despite proclamations from Greater Manchester Police Chief Peter Fahy that crime is reducing in our city, and we do not believe the figures, Salford is still statistically has an above average crime rate in the UK.

Michael Moulding says "My own personal experiences of GMP in combatting the problems I was facing over many years, all this combined tells me Salford has a problem and Greater manchester Police in Salford has a problem."

This is one of the main reasons why I supported a directly-elected mayor for our city. It brings some democratic accountability to our police services.

Michael Moulding says "As a victim of crime & anti-social behaviour in Salford over many years if I am elected as your Mayor of Salford, I will not tolerate crime and anti-social behaviour in our city. If you are suffering I want to know about it and I will do all I can to help you. If the police are not performing, I will not hesitate to criticise them. If they are performing ie the numbers of knives, guns, killings are reducing and the fear of crime is reducing I will be the first to say Thank you !" END

Michael Moulding pictured right

92 Wyndham Ave, Clifton, M27 6PY

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