The Community Action Party campaigning for Outer Townships in Salford !

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The Community Action Party is calling for the reintroduction of traditional townships within a city of Salford !

The Community Action Party in the city of Salford is calling for the reintroduction of traditional townships in the city of Salford.

The Community Action Party in Salford campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor because we wanted to preserve Salford's identity within Greater Manchester. We wanted a Salford Mayor for Salford people and to stop the shifting of power upwards by Salford Labour and the Labour establishment in Greater Manchester.

Michael Moulding, the Community Action Party candidate for Salford mayor says "Labour in Greater Manchester want to do to Salford what they have done to Swinton & Pendlebury, Eccles, Worsley, Irlam & cadishaed and others and shift power away from the people and disrespect traditional boundaries and townships."

The Community Action Party in Salford have noted that Greater Manchester is not a traditional county in that its only an administration centre for ten local authorities which the Labour establishment would like to rule over Salford and create a super-powerful Mayor for the region who would be extremely highly paid and the cost of this additional form of government borne down to Salford taxpayers.

The Community Action Party says "NO" to another expensive bureaucratic tier of government.

Mike Moulding says "We campaigned to save this great city by campaigning for a Salford Mayor. Salford Labour said they wanted a Greater Manchester Mayor and thankfully Salford People agreed with us. In campaigning to save Salford our party has also campaigned for the preservation of outer townships within the city of Salford."

The Community Action Party team have been campaigning for mutual respect so that all area's of the new city of Salford including "real" Salford, Eccles, Swinton, Worsley, Irlam, Cadishead and others are given greater recognition within the city.

Gillian Welsh who campaigned in Pendlebury says "Many Swintonians feel that their identity has been taken from them."

Jo Russell who is campaigning in Weaste & Seedley says "Many Salfordians want recognition of a "real" salford within the "new" Salford where we are all proud of living in the city of Salford but traditional boundaries and townships are respected."

Geoff Ashall campaigning in Swinton South says "We have been campaigning to Save our Swinton within the new city of Salford. I am proud to live in Salford and am proud to live in Swinton also. This should be respected."

The Community Action Party team in Salford are calling for the return of tradtional town and district emblems so that when one visits "real" Salford the emblem indicates this. If you are entering the town of Swinton people see the emblem of Swinton & Pendlebury. If you are entering the town of Eccles people see the Eccles emblem.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "We want to protect all of Salford's heritage. From the days of "real" Salford before 1974 to the creation of "new" Salford in 1974. Outer townships and districts should be recognised within the whole city so that Salford people are able to understand, learn about how "new" Salford was formed and it origins whilst respecting the views of some in relation to their traditional town's identity which they would like to preserve." END

Right - Town of Swinton & Pendlebury Emblem

92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY    

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Keith J. Smith 04/19/2012 12:50

"Labour in Greater Manchester want to do to Salford what they have done to Swinton, Eccles, Worsley, Irlam & Cadishead and others..."

This should actually say "Swinton and Pendlebury" (Mun. Bor. (1934-1974).

The FIVE towns which had their identities ruined from 1st April 1974 were...

Salford (City)
Eccles (Borough)
Swinton and Pendlebury (Borough)
Worsley (Urban District)
Irlam (Urban District)

Good luck to you in your proposal to allow the above towns to be reborn, as it were.
I'm a true native of Swinton and Pendlebury and was born in the town (Clifton) where I grew up on the Clively estate in Clifton. Since the mid '70s I've lived in Pendlebury and so therefore have
never, as yet, lived in Swinton. Both my parents were Pendlebury born/bred as also were 3 of my grandparents (4th grandparent born Wales but probably brought in Pendlebury). Having a surname like
"Smith" is hard to trace ancestors but on the maternal side I went as far back as a baptism in Swinton in 1793. This branch of my family has a grave headstone as part of the pathways at Swinton
Parish Church dated mid-19th century (Ormrod).
I look forward to hopefully following your progress with this, in my opinion, overdue crusade for the natives of the 5 towns.

mikemouldingcommunity-action 04/19/2012 15:12

Many thanks for your comments and duly noted and amended. Thanks for your support.