Letter published Wigan Evening Post 22/12/2012

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I have read with great fondness the article written in the WEP Weds 19th Dec 2012, regarding the future of Preston's iconic bus station. I am delighted that Lancashire Publications via the WEP and the Lancashire Evening Post (LEP), who have been true supporters of Lancashire tradition, are reporting the appalling decision made by Preston Council, to have the building demolished after decades of neglect. You report that the retention of the building is backed by a leading figure in the Royal Institute of British Architects Journal. Preston Council, against the wishes of Prestonians have been trying unsuccessfully to have the building demolished for over a decade. Your article correctly states that the bus station is one of the "country's best examples of post-war brutalist architecture" and in 2010 your sister paper the Lancashire Evening Post, undertook a survey of Prestonians, which established the Bus Station as their No 1 favourite building. In the year 2,000 I am proud to say I was one of only four Preston City Councillors that voted for the bus station to be listed and retained but unfortunately, our attempts failed. The Community Action Party will be supporting the campaign to have this much treasured building retained for future generations, as a central hub for pubic transport in Lancashire.
Best wishes
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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