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My up to 750 words for the above newspaper :-


"My name is Michael Moulding and I am the Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor. I unashamedly campaigned for a YES vote during the referendum campaign and we succeeded. I unashamedly campaigned for the Labour Leader of Salford City Council to resign and indeed from May 2012 he will no longer be leading our Council.
I did these things because I believed our city has been heading in the wrong direction and I believe our city was being mis-managed. Our city in recent times to my dismay became a city of national and international ridicule. We had the Salford riots and one of the most henious crimes ever committed in the city. 2011 was Salford's "annus horribilis".
I truly believe this is the best system of local government. I believe Salford is a fantastic city with massive potential. Salford first, Salford second and forever Salford. Salford's interests first ! What better can a city have than to have a Mayor leading our city, a Mayor elected by the people for the people ? Thats what we have campaigned for. This election is about the values Salfordians stand for. I believe our manifesto for Salford as outlined below will bring the much needed change we seek, the prosperity, the integrity and the decency as a city we strive for."
"As your Mayor I would :-
Expose Salford's political fraudsters.
Review the cities association with the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and seek its abolition as an expensive tier of government we dont need.
Reduce your Council Tax.
End Salford's public transport rip off and campaign for free public transport for all.
Protect Salford's heritage and stop the destruction of "Real" Salford.
Implement a zero-tolerance to crime and anti-social behaviour.
Equalise Council spending throughout the city.
Confront housing associations who rip their tenants off with excessive rent increases.
Reduce council housing rents.
Review the cities Allotments Strategy so no-one has to wait more than 6 months for an allotment.
Protect all front line services and oppose cuts in jobs.
Develop an anti-poverty strategy to ensure all council services are affordable to those on low incomes and to help Salford families get out of poverty.
Review the Chapel St "FIASCO".
Build more affordable housing including social housing to help Salford's housing crisis, reduce the cities homelessness and create jobs.
Hold weekly surgeries.
Review local community committee's and give them more power to spend more of your Council Tax in your area.
Remove waste, inefficiency and corrupt practises.
Introduce circular bus routes for Salford.
Have first-class youth services.
Care for our vulnerable, the homeless, the elderly, people with disabilities.
Stand up for Salford within the region, in the UK and internationally as a city people can do business with.
We campaigned for a Mayor - I promise to work for Salford and for you."
Many thanks
Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor - Exposing Political Fraudsters

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Bleary Hazel 04/10/2012 23:52

"Introduce circular bus routes for Salford."

But how do you escape then?