Community Action Party and Mike Moulding's love for Salford !

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The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor reveals why he loves Salford and successfully campaigned for real change in the great city !

The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor reveals his love for the city of Salford !

Mike believes that the year 2011 was Salford's "Annus Horribilis" where Mike believes after one of Salford's worst years ever, things can only get better for the city !

Mike Moulding tirelessly campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor. Several months of hard work delivering tens of thousands of leaflets city wide in order to persuade people of the merits of Salford having its own Mayor.

Mike Moulding reveals "This decision has saved Salford. In future years, I can tell all Salfordians that you will look back on this momentus occasion and say that decision saved our city!"

Mike Moulding believes this for many reasons. He says "In 2011 we unfortunately had the riots in Salford. The year was finished off with the most despicable crime. The murder of Anuj Bidve. 2011 was Salford's "Annus Horribilis!"

Mike Moulding reveals his sadness at the cities rapid decline on a national and international stage where our great city became the butt of jokes and ridicule.

But undeterred Mike stepped up his campaign to bring massive change in the city. Mike Moulding knew the answer for the city was to have a directly-elected Mayor, elected by the people for the people. Mike says "I knew people would feel a sense of pride in knowing that they involved themself in the political process and contributed to electing a Mayor of their choice. A stake in Salford's future."

But not everyone agreed. In fact, of all the candidates standing for Salford's first directly-elected Mayor, Mike Moulding is the only candidate that came out and campaigned for it. Mike says "I believe what I was doing then and I believe what I am doing now is right. None of the other candidates supported and campaigned for this system in the way I did".

Finally, Mike Moulding says and still maintains the decision to have a directly-elected Mayor is the real decision that saved this great city. "Salford will have its own first powerful directly-elected Mayor. This mayor will have to put Salford first, Salford second and always Salford. Why ? because they would get voted out by the people !"

"Salford is leading Manchester ! How many times have we seen our city lack behind Manchester, be in their shadows and if the Labour establishment have anything to do with it, we would be in Manchester ! We are Salford. We are leading the way and while Manchester is still deciding on whether to follow Salford's route to growth and prosperity for our city, they are still debating the merits of the system."

"Salford will have Greater Manchester's first directly-elected Mayor. I am in no doubt the other cities and towns will follow suit. It makes sense."

Mike Moulding Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "My love for the city and my sadness but hope for the future, got me off my backside, spent my own money, produced my own leaflets and campaigned for this momentus change. That is love for Salford !" END


Michael Moulding, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton

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