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I love Swinton !


I love the city of Salford !


I want to protect Swinton within the city of Salford and enhance both Swinton & Salford with mutual respect !


The city of Salford which includes Swinton I believe is broken.


All my previous blogs explain my reasons.


I want to Save Swinton and want to save Salford !


Never again will our city get this chance ! Voting NO will put our cities existence at risk. Manchester is on the horizon.......


I want to bring a sense of civic pride to Swinton and to the city of Salford. I believe both can be achieved with mutual respect.


Vote YES for change on Thursday.


Vote YES for progress on Thursday.


Votes YES to make things better for Swinton and for our beloved Salford !


I will be voting YES and doing it with pride knowing I am doing the right thing. 

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