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A long time ago I became aware that the city of Salford was to hold a referendum for a directly-elected mayor as it had been triggered according to the law.


In July 2011 I was approached by the petition organiser to seek my views as to whether I support the mayoral system on behalf of The Community Action Party.


The mayoral system of local government has always been a fundamental belief of mine that it is the best system of governing cities. All my previous blogs explain my reasons as to why I support a directly-elected mayoral system of local government.


Through my own personal experiences of being a victim of serious crime and anti-social behaviour and my observations that real intervention is required in our city to stop the spiralling increase of crime and anti-social behaviour in our communities. This coupled with the financial mismanagement of our city and the neglect of outer townships, I had no hesitation in supporting a YES vote because I truly believe passionately that this would be good and help put our city back on the right track.


Of course, there are many other good reasons to support a mayoral system but these were my primary reasons hence my personal support and that of The Community Action Party.


The Community Action Party joined forces with the English Democrats NW to form The Mayoral Alliance which also had the support of influential independents.


From July 2011 I have been pounding the streets of Swinton and Swinton North ward delivering around 50,000 leaflets on behalf of The Community Action Party as part of The Mayoral Alliance, campaigning on local issues as well as persuading local people to vote for change and vote YES !


Without the support of myself and The Community Action Party, The Mayoral Alliance would NOT have been formed. No other political party was prepared to work in co-operation with each other for the betterment of our city.


Despite the risks, I decided to put my political ambitions at risk by joining an alliance with the English Democrats for the betterment of Swinton & Salford even though I knew about the parties right-wing idealogy nationally. However, I have to make it clear that this IS NOT reflective of the North West Region of The English Democrats where Stephen & Valerie Morris have been an absolute pleasure to work with and whom clearly have values that is not reflective of their party nationally. I made this decision for our city and knew it was the right thing to do nomatter the risks involved.


My beliefs are anti-discriminatory, anti-racist and anti-prejudice and these are the values of our Alliance partners in the North West.


We campaigned in the interests of our city. I campaigned in the interests of Swinton and Salford. I believe a directly-elected mayor is good for Swinton and is good for Salford and all area's of our city.


The Community Action Party and myself put political idealogy aside to campaign for a system that we believed benefitted the city and will put Salford back on the right track to recovery.


The people of Swinton & Salford supported us. By a massive majority. The town of Swinton supported me and the work I was doing to help support our town within the city of Salford. I have always and will continue to campaign on a theme of mutual respect. I believe the majority of the good people of our city possess these qualities !


Dignity, fairness, equality, respectability are fundamental to each and every resident of Salford. The city has spoken. The town of Swinton has spoken. You voted Yes. Swinton voted overwhelmingly YES. The city of Salford voted Yes !


This is the first step of putting back Swinton, outer townships and the city of Salford on the road to recovery.


Thank you Swinton. Thank you Salford. You did yourselves very proud indeed.


I would like to thank all my supporters, the residents of Swinton who support my campaigns and to the residents of the city of Salford.


You have truly made the right decision and I am so very proud of you all !  

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Comment on this post

Nick Cartwright 01/28/2012 00:29

I meant mayor - Not major - Sorry.

Nick Cartwright 01/28/2012 00:13

Hello Mike.
I applaud your commitment to Swinton but my view is that if a person has strong views and goes into politics to make a difference, joining a party that has views different to your own is the first
step to corruption.
It is the first step toward furthering your own political career above your own values and more importantly the people who you wish to represent & improve conditions for.

On the issue of 'Electing a Major', who will be deciding who the candidates are for the post?

In London, the Majors have been politicians who have been members of the 2 main political parties.
So when we get to vote for Major, should WE expect to see John Merry, Hazel Blears, Derek Antrobus etc to be running for the post?
Decisions will be in the corrupted hands of the same people.

When really 'IMPORTANT' issues have come along like Joining Europe, getting involved foriegn wars that cost British lives & money, serving no good to this country and antagonising other
Nations, bailing out corrupt bankers at the expense of our national institutions (NHS, education, fire service etc) and our way of life, the status quo does not want the 'PEOPLE' to have a say.

So why are they letting this refferendum happen?

If there is a system that is CERTAIN to save us £x in council tax, as promoted by yourselves and others, why have the current/previous leaders, not automatically changed or promoted this
Answer - because they are corrupt.
Just to remind you these Councillors and Politicians are voted into power BY THE PUBLIC to SERVE THE PUBLIC using the PUBLIC'S MONEY - NOT THEIR OWN MONEY!

Using the promise of lowering our Council as bait to lure the people into voting for this (for their own money saving interests) hands decision making into fewer hands allowing for more

Now the vote has been cast, lets see what happens to our council tax bills - I suspect nothing will happen?
I alsosuspect the public have been tricked into more political conniving. We will see.