Pemberton ward By-election, Wigan

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Pemberton Ward By-election
Former Leader of Wigan Council opposition and current Leader of Wigan-based Community Action Party Peter Franzen is standing in the Pemberton ward by-election.
Peter Franzen has agreed to put himself forward in order to "expose" Wigan Labour's partnership with the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition government. Wigan's Labour Councillors have brought forward by six months the governments welfare cuts, which means the people of Pemberton ward will be used as "guinea pigs" from April.
The people of Pemberton ward from April will be subjected to the Tories Universal Credit, the bedroom tax, cuts in sickness and disability benefits. This is on top of Labour's massive 5.6% rent increase and their inflation-busting 2.7% increase in Council Tax after turning down a huge government grant to freeze it. Also, Council Tax benefit support is being reduced by Labour, decisions brought forward, approved and implemented by Wigan Labour.
The Community Action Party have secured more than 50,000 signatures on petitions opposing the Tory/Labour punitive cuts. We have done this whilst Wigan Labour have agreed for the people of Pemberton ward to be used as guinea pigs for the Tory/Labour cuts by bringing them forward by 6 months.
Peter Franzen is supporting every child in the Borough, including college students, having access to free school meals to help combat child poverty. Peter Franzen is supporting a cut in councillor's from 3 per ward to just one councillor per ward, saving local taxpayers several millions of pounds per year. The Community Action Party also want the Borough Life Council Labour proaganda abolished saving £hundreds of thousands per year.
Peter Franzen, Leader of the Community Action Party says "Wigan Labour have been exposed. Whilst we have been fighting against the government cuts, Labour Council Leader Peter Smith has been "lording" it up and co-operating with the Tories, by agreeing to the people of Pemberton ward to be used as guinea pigs for the Tory cuts."
"The Community Action Party have been fighting to protect the most vulnerable in society, by so far collecting over 50,000 signatures on petitions, opposing savage and punitive cuts in disability and welfare benefits. We called for a nil increase in rents which was opposed by Wigan Labour, who punitively increased it by a staggering 5.6% from this April. The Bedroom Tax, cuts in Council Tax Benefit support and a Council Tax increase for everyone will increase poverty even more in Pemberton ward."
"We want a cut in councillors to one per ward saving millions, free school meals for every child in the Borough and the abolition of the Borough Life Labour rag comic."
"Pemberton is one of the most deprived wards in the Borough and therefore the good people of Pemberton ward need an elected representative who will use their skills and resources to help the whole community, especially those most in need."

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