Letter published Wigan Evening Post 20/02/2013

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Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to your article WEP Feb 19th "By-Election is Called". I had NO qualms providing my signature to help trigger the by-election for the beginning of April 2013. The timing is significant because from April 2013, the people of Pemberton will be subjected to the most vicious and punitive cuts to their incomes in living memory, which will have a devastating impact on their lives.
My anger is made worse by the fact that our Labour Council is co-operating with this nasty Tory/Lib Dem Coalition government, by bringing forward the Tories Universal Credit by six months, to use the people of Pemberton ward as "guinea pigs" for the Tory experiment.
Labour's complicit conduct is nothing short of pure deception in their alleged opposition to what is happening. The people of Pemberton ward deserve nothing less than the truth.
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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