Hundreds of jobs to be created in Greater Manchester.

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The Community Action Party in Greater Manchester is at the forefront of supporting jobs, supporting small businesses and bringing new businesses into Greater Manchester.

The Community Action Party is pleased to announce as reported in todays Wigan Evening Post (21/08/2012) that hundreds more jobs will be created in Greater Manchester which we have been at the forefront in campaigning for.

Sainsbury's looks set to have approved a planning application for a brand new supermarket to be sited in Golborne, Wigan on a virtually dis-used industrial estate, which we believe may result in 450 jobs being created and bring millions of pounds of investment into Golborne and Wigan in Greater Manchester.

Former leader of the opposition on the Wigan council and current Leader of the Community Action Party Peter Franzen – who has headed a campaign to support the Sainsbury’s bid – believes that the store could “transform” Golborne in Wigan.

The Community Action Party chief and chairman of the Golborne Community Forum, who lives near the site and represented Golborne for many years, is pleased the supermarket is set to be given the go-ahead.

Peter Franzen said: “We are proud that the forum has been at the vanguard supporting and campaigning for Sainsbury’s development. The Community Action Party in Wigan have supported this initiative for Golborne because this investment is needed which will bring many other benefits in terms of local amenities."

“This could be the best thing to happen to Golborne for years and will bring millions of pounds investment to Golborne after decades of neglect. The scheme is now backed by hundreds of letters of support.

“The 400-plus jobs are absolutely crucial, of course, but there are some real public gains that will mean a lot to this town such as toilets and the car park.

“This could bring people back into town, which is so important to the remaining businesses which have struggled or closed. Opening a Sainsbury’s could attract up to 2,000 people a day. The industrial estate is half-empty and falling into a real state of disrepair because the landlords can’t make it pay and the last thing we want is for another eyesore on this route into town.

“From my recent discussions with the planning department I now understand discussions are taking place about the level of funding that Sainsbury’s will provide to improve Golborne’s infrastructure.”

Michael Moulding who is Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party based in Salford has set a campaign up to support small businesses in the city of Salford, in particularly in Swinton Town Centre and is in contact with a major pub chain to try and return some much needed investment into a declining town.

Michael Moulding says "The Community Action Party is at the forefront of bringing jobs and investment into Greater Manchester, but we also do it in a manner that is reflective of the needs and concerns of local people."

"I am extremely proud to be a member and a Deputy Leader to someone like Peter who continues to devote his energies and free time to helping ensure that our communities continue to improve and benefit where this is possible, listening and taking forward new idea's."

Michael continues "Everyone in the Community Action Party are not paid politicians and we provide our time and resources freely and at our own expense for the benefit of others."

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