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City Status - Wigan Campaign

Andy Burnham turns his back on City Status for the Borough of Wigan - http://www.wigantoday.net/news/local/unconvinced-mp-turns-back-on-city-status-bid-1-5796771 Letter sent to Wigan Evening Post for publication "Dear Editor, In 2002, the Lancashire town...

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The Pines - Wigan

Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council intend to close a home for 24 severely disabled people in Kitt Green, Wigan. This is against the residents and families wishes. Michael Moulding's official government petition opposing the closure of The Pines - http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/51014...

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Core Strategy - Golborne & Lowton

Dear Editor, Golborne-based Community Action Party is fundamentally opposed to the development of Green Belt land for many reasons, including environmental. We are opposed to the adoption of the Core Strategy by Wigan Council, as published in WEP Mon...

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Ladysmith Avenue, Ashton

Dear Editor, I want to thank the Wigan Observer for respectfully highlighting the plight of residents who live in or around un-adopted roads, in particularly Ladysmith Avenue, Ashton as published on Tues 11th June. Residents who live in these streets...

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The Bedroom Tax

Article Manchester Gazette - http://manchestergazette.co.uk/the-bedroom-tax-in-greater-manchester/ Wigan Today - http://www.wigantoday.net/news/local/cap-calls-for-housing-tax-re-think-1-5725889 Letter sent by me to WEP on 3rd June 2013 "Dear Editor,...

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