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Asda Planning application - Update

It is now established as fact that at the former Swinton Unitarian church chapel yard burial ground is a war grave. The grave of Private W L Blears a World War 1 soldier that paid the ultimate sacrifice. So every time I have passed this small piece of...

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Asda - No heart, No Soul, Just Profit !

I have written many blogs about the Asda planning application for Swinton Precinct and decided in my home I would try to stop the removal of the burial ground as a result, because at the time it pricked my conscience. Undeterred, I proceeded with the...

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No to Asda at Swinton Precinct !

Let them Rest in Peace ! Myself, local historians, the author of "Remembrance - A wartime childhood in Swinton" Dorothy Tildsley and other interested parties have come together with local residents who are upset that the planning application submitted...

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