Zero Tolerance to Crime & Anti-Social behaviour

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The Community Action Party has a zero tolerance to crime & anti-social behaviour.


As a serious victim of crime & anti-social behaviour (see previous blogs) I fully support and proudly advocate our parties policy.


"It is time for ZERO TOLERANCE of drug dealers, arsonists, thugs, thieves and racists."


Our parties policy. I fully support this 100%.


In 2011 we had the Salford riots and one of the most henious crimes ever committed in our city, Anuj Bidve. Salford, despite proclamations from Greater Manchester Police Chief Peter Fahy that crime is reducing in our city, and I do not believe the figures, Salford is still statistically has an above average crime rate in the UK.


My own personal experiences of GMP in combatting the problems I was facing over many years, all this combined tells me Salford has a problem and Greater manchester Police has a problem.


This is one of the main reasons why I support a directly-elected major for our city (See previous blogs). It brings some democratic accountability to our police services.


As an ex-employee of the police in Lancashire, I fully support our police, in general and usually they do a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances. However, in Salford I believe the police are not performing as they should. The statisitcs prove it. We have an above average crime rate in our city than in the rest of the UK. And this is based on recorded figures. We all know a significant propoertion of our crime in Salford does not get reported or recorded.


One of my political opponents during the referendum campaign critcised my campaigning skills when I was happy to criticise Greater Manchester Police in public, to inform people of the meritis of a mayoral system and also to say that I believe we do not receive value from our police services in our city.


Greater Manchester Police are not beyong criticism from either the general public or any democratic elected representatives. We should not be afraid to say whether they are performing or not or whether we believe we are getting value from our police services in the city. Not to would be a travesty and would lead to a more inefficient service and higher crime and more victims of crime.


Taking this stance is not abusing front-line services as my opponents are trying to proclaim but merely standing up for the right to be able to live in a city safely, without the fear of being a victim of crime and not becoming a victim of crime.


As a serious victim of crime & anti-social behaviour I only know this too well and I wouldnt wish that on anyone hence my campaign to try and improve our police services and hold them to account if they are not performing.

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