Why working for your benefits is just a big con.

Published on by Mike Moulding

Today, the Tories have announced the long-term unemployed will have to work for their benefits.


Workfare or legalised slave labour to get your benefit, for many, just over £70.00 per week and will have to work 30 hours per week for this meagre amount.


My reasons why it is one big con :-


1) We all know the Tories hate the minimum wage. Why ? Because they want the minimum wage to be even lower. Slight of hand, making tens of thousands work for just over £2.00 per hour is a legal mechanism to make many "work" for a pittance. In America its workfare, I call it legalised slave labour.


2) How many jobs will be lost because of workfare ? Why would many profit-making companies or business employ people on minimum wage or more when they can "employ" through a tax-payer funded workfare scheme ? Will many Council's facing massive cuts turn to "workfare" to provide services which can no longer be provided because of cuts for example street cleaners?


Street cleaners across the UK need to be very worried about their jobs.


3) Why not guarantee the long-term unemployed a proper job instead of tax payer funded workfare ? Is it because those in proper work have to be paid a proper wage or is it because this government are content with the stigmatisation workfare presents people in a dog eat dog society ? I wonder whether those doing community work because they have committed a crime will be working alongside those on workfare and their only "crime" is they could not get an employer to give them a job ?


4) Expect many court cases against the government. It is widely recognised that even in todays jobs market many people face discrimination on sex, sexuality, age, ethnicity, colour, disability and others with devavastating consequences. A whole group of people working but not employed via workfare will be denied their basic (employment) rights and will result in government facing many court cases on a wide range of reasons because of accident, ill health, stress, discrimination and a breach of human rights and equality.


5) If up to 200,000 people have spent 2 years on a back to work scheme which has resulted in no job being offered is this not a sign of a failed scheme and why should the long-term unemployed be punished for something that is not their fault ie no-one will take them on?


6) Workfare is not "help to work" but a punishment against the long-term unemployed. Why is it a punishment ? Because the government is expecting those undertaking workfare which is work without employments rights and minimum wage rights and therefore cannot be termed in any other way but a punishment because their basic rights are taken away.


A street cleaner employed by the Council could be earning £250.00 per week. A workfare street cleaner his/her £70.00 per week benefit  and both are doing the same job.This is unfair, unequal and just plain wrong.


7) How many workfare can a company have and how long for ? Why not have a high number on workfare because after all their profits would just increase as a result of employing less on a properly paid job ? We know many companies already are happy to "employ" people in this way.  


8) Finally, if you are working fulltime on workfare, how on earth are you suppose to find a proper full time employed job when you dont have the time or energy to search after doing a full weeks work ?


Workfare, results in more on workfare, more people losing their jobs and less people being taken on and most disappointingly will mean many unemployed will stay unemployed for many, many years resulting in what the government say they do not want - more people out of work for even longer.


Or do they actually support workfare for all the advantages it gives to dubious or profiteering companies or business for the reasons explained above ?


You would expect nothing less from the "nasty party" the snooty Tory toffs, many of which, havnt done a proper days work in their entire life. 





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Jenny Dent 10/01/2013 12:50

When the con-damned came into power I predicted that this exact scenario would happen.Not that it gives me any pleasure to say i was right it is disgusting. If the con-damned have miraculously
created all these new jobs why hasn't the unemployment level gone down. Oh it has by a smidgen but it's like scraping an ice berg with a potato peeler