Why I believe Councillor Derek Antrobus has betrayed the town of Swinton !

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Over the past many months I have found myself to be a lone voice for the town of Swinton. Having lived in the town for many years I have become disillusioned with the deterioration of SWinton over the past few years. Having spoken to many SWintonians it is clear to me many of them feel the same way.


In in getting this feedback from local people I cannot just go head first and start blaming all and sundry about the towns downfall to where it is without educating myself about the towns history, where its been, where we are at and about the future direction of the town of Swinton & Pendlebury.


I have spoken to local people, Swinton people. I have educated myself about the towns history and how SWintonians feel about their town.


One thing is for sure, Swinton people love their town, care passionately about SWinton and this care and passion is the reason why someone needs to stand up to those who are letting SWinton down.


I do not think theres any doubt that SWinton has gone down hill since 1974 when Salford City Council started to manage the towns affairs.


Many people, especially of the elderly generation of SWintonians have told me how they have fond memories of the old Borough of SWinton & Pendlebury Town Council.


So an obvious organisation to blame is Salford City Council. But we live in a democratic society and local government is governed by politicians.


Politically since 1974 Labour have always controlled Salford City Council.


There is no doubt that the leading politician in SWinton is Derek Antrobus. He has been a member of Salford City Council for the best part of 30 years representing SWinton and he constantly proclaims to be the voice of SWinton and its people.


He even gives the impression hes SWintonian but I am told from a good source he is not. I am told he is Salfordian not SWintonian but I need to check this out. Not that it makes any difference to me but if its true that hes Salfordian he has made another good job of deceiving SWinton people into believing hes SWintonian.


Some biographical details of Councillor Antrobus


Derek Antrobus was born in Salford in 1954 and has served as a Labour Member of Salford City Council since 1979. He represented the Armitage, Mount Skip and St Mary’s Ward until 1982 since when he has represented Swinton North Ward.


SWinton was not part of Salford in 1954.



So in all his time he has reprresented SWinton, has Councillor Antrobus not in fact used his residency of the town, possibly deceived the town into believing he is SWintonian and in fact represented the interests of Salford instead  ?.


There is clear evidence that this career politician is prepared to say and do anything to stay in power. He has even in local media written letters for local people to read to say he believes one thing but at a Salford City Council meeting I have seen with my own eyes that he has done the complete opposite. Hypocrisy and deception.


Councillor Derek Antrobus voted against a SWinton constituency at a meeting of Salford City Council. He voted for the retention of the status quo and a report which said that a SWinton constituency would be reverting to an outdated model of representation.


It was Councillor Derek Antrobus as Lead Member for Planning that was instrumental in creating the Chapel Street FIASCO where Swintonians have the daily nightmare of travelling through this FIASCO just to get to work.

To make things worse in a recent edition of the Salford Advertiser he tries to defend their appalling decision to reduce the number of lanes on the East Lancs causing even more congestion for local people running through our town.


Why has the Top Rd been allowed to deteriorate now nicknamed "take-away city" by some and some shops have been boarded up for over a decade blighting our TOP Rd with no improvement in sight YET Derek Antrobus had the gaul to make public Geoffrey Bergs properties which were an eyesore simply because he took them on in relation to a directtly-elected mayor ? Councillor Antrobus is the Lead Member for Planning so he is the one that can really do something about our TOP RD. NO excuses.


Salford City Council with Derek Antrobus has a cabinet member have loaned money to Salford Reds but allowed and did nothing to stop SWinton Lions moving out of the town and losing their stadium off Station Rd !


WE all know that most of the city's money is being spent in real Salford, unfairly and many have said badly. But in doing so Swinton needs investment too and we are simply not getting it.


The Poets Estate were promised home improvements from 2011 which were scrapped and that same money used to improve homes in ordsall.


Derek Antrobus campaigned vigorously for a NO vote in the recent referendum because he wanted no change where all our money was being spent down real Salford where a directly-elected mayor would have to represent the whole city, including Swinton or they would get voted out.


The list is endless !!!!!


DErek Antrobus does not serve SWinton in my opinion. He is a career politician in a safe Labour seat in SWinton and has done a good job pretending to represent the town well when in fact his whole tenure on the Council has produced nothing but a deterioration in the proud town of SWinton & Pendlebury.


SWinton people need to kick him out before it really does become too late to change the town around for the better.

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sharon latham 12/08/2016 18:42

We left Swinton in 1997 both my husband and I born and bred there, we moved to Marple to escape the increasing violence and under investment that was apparent to see , we felt that our children deserved a better standard of living that Swinton could offer and we haven't looked back, my elderly dad had to queue up at the chemist with the drug addicts who were collecting their methadone , such a squalid dump of a town.