We Saved Salford ! :)

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After all the hard work, the name calling, insults and in some cases vile verbal & written attacks on myself and 36 hours after the YES vote was declared, I am looking back and saying I have contributed to Salford's proud history.


In fact - We (YES Team) I saved Salford !


A bold and extraordinary claim to make but its true !


So my political opponents do not have any hesitation in calling me a Swinton nationalist ! I am a Proud Prestonian and a very much proud Lancastrian and have adopted Swinton as my home town and Salford as my home city but this Proud Prestonian, Lancashire lad who is a Swinton natioalist saved Salford !


The Labour establishment and its official and on public record wanted a Greater Manchester Mayor to rule over Greater Manchester and the city of Salford.


Hazel Blears went on regional television to broadcast this fact. In the heart of Salford on referendum day her offices on Langworthy Rd were plastered with NO votes and the city gave a resounding YES of those who voted !


Proud Salfordians have been raising legitimate concerns about Manchester moving into Salford, Salford losing its constituency, the university of Salford is now the university of Salford, Manchester and the BBC would like to pretend they are based in Manchester but lets shout it from the rooftops - they are in Salford whether they like it or not !


So while we battled in isolation wading through all the insults that where flying in our direction this SWinton nationalist saved our city !


The Labour Party, the ruling party in Greater Manchester, the Salford Green Party and the Liberal Democrats all said a big fat NO to Salford having its own directly-elected Mayor and despite all their proclamations for reasons against their main and real reason is that they all wanted a Greater Manchester Mayor to rule our city.


I am proud of the stance we and I took, all the hard work paid off and in the calm light of day, Salfordians will look back on this decision in years to come and say that decision saved our city !


If I am being called a Swinton nationalist I am proud of being called it because as a Proud Prestonian and Lancashire lad what a honour to be recognised as such and I wonder how long it will be before someone then accuses me of being a Salford nationalist ?


Labour, Greens & Liberals put our city at risk. That was worth the fight because Salford is worth fighting for !

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