To shop at Asda or NOT to shop at Asda ?

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Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party launches a campaign for Swintonians, Salfordians and anyone to Boycott Asda Supermarkets in protest at their plans to DIG UP 313 bodies from a burial ground in Swinton !

The Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party Michael Moulding launched a campaign to save a burial ground which has resting 313 Swintonians from destruction because Asda want to build a supermarket on the land where people lay in peace.

Campaigners have been fighting for months to persuade Salford Council not to allow a supermarket be built which involved the destruction of the burial ground at the former Swinton Unitarian Church on Swinton Hall Rd, SWinton.

It is now official that Asda intend to dig up 313 resting souls in their pursuit of profit.

In digging up 313 souls resting in peace as published on Salfordonline on other articles they also intend to dig up the remains of a World War 1 HERO Pte W L Blears who was killed fighting for our country.

A notice in the Salford Advertiser dated 21 June 2012 says :-

"Notice is hereby given that West Bromwich Building Society Limited & Asda Stores Ltd, not less than 2 months after the date of the first publication of this notice, intend to exhume the remains of all persons interred at the former burial ground of Swinton Unitarian Chapel, Manchester."

"The remains and any articles apparently buried with the deceased to be placed in fresh shells or other such containers as meet the requirements of the said officer."

"The remains to be removed...........and reinterred.........within two years from the date of this notice."

"Any memorials that may be found during work, and which are not claimed by relatives of the deceased, will be crushed prior to disposal."

As exclusively reported on Salfordonline and BBC Radio Manchester only, Michael Moulding has been asked by some relatives of the deceased to represent them as they intend to take legal action against Salford Council for their unfair treatment on the matter.

An application to Manchester County Court is being made to seek a judicial review to approve the Asda supermarket.

In the meantime Michael Moulding has written to Asda supermarkets to ask them to suspend the process of exhumation pending the application for a judicial review but so far they have failed to do so.

Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party says "I believe there would be public outrage if 313 loved ones were removed and afterwards Manchester County Court agreed with the families that they were treated unfairly. I am asking everyone who is appalled by what is happening to boycott all Asda supermarkets and to do any of the following :-

To join our Facebook page at!/groups/352687198133552/ or named "Swinton & Pendlebury - Boycott Asda Supermarkets"

Join the "Friends of Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground" on Facebook for regular updates.

Contact Asda supermarkets by emailing them at and tell them what you think of their plans to dig up the dead or

email Councillor Derek Antrobus and tell him what you think of Salford Council for them giving permission for the burial ground to be developed on at

In solidarity with the families I am representing I am boycotting Asda for their appalling immoral act in their pursuit of profit at any price. Will you ?

Email Michael Moulding at


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