The Salford Community Action Party manifesto 2012 - Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA)

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Association Of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA)


The city of Salford has recently changed its system of local government to a directly-elected mayoral system of local government. In May 2012 Salford will have its first ever directly-elected mayor.


All ten Greater Manchester Councils are members of AGMA which now has a range of powers and can impose laws on all towns and cities in Greater Manchester.


The Salford Community Action Party will campaign for as many powers to be returned to Salford. This means powers which was signed away to the undemocratic quango AGMA would be returned to Salford's elected mayor.


Salford decisions with Salford's money by a Salford mayor for Salford people. Salford first !


The Salford Community Action Party, of course, realises that all Greater Manchester Council's should co-operate and we believe that there is even a case for a Greater Manchester “champion” to promote the region, bring investment etc but we believe this should stop short at having Salford's services being managed outside the city.


The Salford Community Action Party is opposed to minimum pricing of alcohol which AGMA are trying to impose as law in Greater Manchester. WE believe this is just another stealth tax making the majority pay higher prices for products as a result of an irresponsible few.

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