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Allotment waiting times to be slashed !

Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor and founder of the Swinton & District Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Association, Michael Moulding, along with a long list of priorities has included the allotments service in them.

Michael Moulding formed the Swinton & District Allotments & leisure Gardeners Association in Swinton which has been responsible for regenerating allotments all over Swinton.

Mike has been an active member of the allotment movement on and off for over 20 years and is currently a member of The National Society of Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Association and The Soil Association.

Michael Moulding has a long proud record of caring for the environment and has managed and been a Trustee of land and many associations managing allotment sites in the North West. Mike has fought many campaigns to increase the profile of allotments in many cities and was responsible for persuading Salford Council to change its management system to allow council controlled allotments to be managed by their respective associations which Mike Moulding championed.

Mike in the event he is elected will immediately order a review of Salford City Council's Allotments Strategy and the result will be that no-one in the city will have to wait more than 6 months before they are offered an allotment plot.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party for Salford Mayor and campaigner in Swinton North says "Allotments are important. Their value should not be under-estimated in terms of peoples health, their well-being and the environment. People eat healthily, promote the environment and allotments can be a part of an overall anti-poverty strategy, which is something else I will be pursuing in the event I am elected. I have supported allotments for over 20 years. I have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for them, got my spade out and dug as many as i can in that time so that others are able to have them. Thats how important I regard them." END

Matt Andrews (left)Michael Moulding (right)

Michael Moulding 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY 0161 7948483

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