The Community Action Party saved Salford !

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The Community Action Party saved Salford !
The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor Mike Moulding reveals why he campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor and the decision he believes that did Save our Salford !

Myself on behalf of the Community Action Party campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor system of local government for the city of Salford. For many months I delivered, published, paid for out of my own pocket tens of thousands of leaflets city wide from July 2011 right up to referendum day at the end of January 2012.

I did this because I cared enough to get off my backside and try to do something about how our city is being mismanaged. 2011 was Salford's "Annus Horribilis". Salford does NOT deserve ridicule on a national and international level. Salford does not deserve to have its identity or its status governing its own affairs via Manchester or by a Greater Manchester Mayor. The Labour establishment which includes Salford Labour want a Greater Manchester Mayor to rule over Salford. Already many of Salford's services are being managed through or with Manchester City Council which many believe is the start of a "super" council some have dubbed "Salchester".

The decision by Salford through the referendum to have a directly-elected Mayor which I campaigned for tirelessly saved this great city. Our city will have its first-ever directly-elected Mayor which means a Salford Mayor will have to put Salford first, second and last because if they dont we will vote them out.

For a change, which I am proud of, whilst our city is involved in a mayoral election which will put our city at the forefront in terms of prosperity, progress and change for the better Manchester lags behind us because they are still debating the merits of the system. Manchester Labour want a NO vote and hope our (Salford's) new electoral system fails because the establishment in Greater Manchester including local Manchester media are still clinging on to the hope that a super-powerful region-wide Mayor will come to fruition over our great city. We saved Salford !

The Community Action Party team which includes :-

Michael Moulding for Salford Mayor.
Gillian Welsh for Pendlebury ward.
Matt Andrews for Claremont ward.
Geoff Ashall for Swinton South ward.
Jo Russell for Weaste & seedley ward.
Michael Moulding for Swinton North ward

"We want this election to be about the soul of Salford. Compassion is our politics. Compassion in our decision-making. No savage cuts. No Salford families losing their livelihoods. We want our homeless, low-incomed families, elderly and people with disabilities and young people cared for. We want our priorities to be front-line services not giving our Council Tax to the BBC Philarmonic. We aspire to a poverty-free city!"

When you cast your vote on May 3rd do it with civic pride, with great care. Remember the decision we make the whole eyes of the world will be upon us. Salford deserves no more national and international ridicule. Lets make this city great again. If you want to know more about my plans for Salford check them out on www.mikemouldingcommunity-acti​ END


Michael Moulding, 92 Wyndham Ave, Clifton, M27 6PY

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