The Community Action Party Salford Manifesto 2012 - Open, Transparent & Anti-Corruption Local Government

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Open, Transparent & Anti-Corruption Local Government


Local government is paid for by your taxes. Therefore, we believe as many decisions made in local government should be open to public scrutiny, decisions made in public and all decisions are accountable to the public.


We believe as few decisions as possible should be made in secret and all our representatives will where possible question officers where we think the public have a right to know.


We encourage local people to attend council meetings and be able to ask questions and seek answers whenever possible.


Our party accepts that corruption exists in local government. We are an anti-corruption party. All our representatives will combat corruption, root out corruption wherever it exists and inform the public whenever possible about wrong-doings in local government, which includes within Salford City Council.


We are Salford's anti-corruption party.

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