The Community Action Party Salford Manifesto 2012 - Housing

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The Human Rights Act which our country is signed up to give all citizens rights and freedoms which we all enjoy. The right to a private life, right to enjoy one's home etc. If you have a home that is ! In Salford, our party will eradicate street homelessness. All people residing on our streets in our city will be offered temporary accommodation no matter what their circumstances are. Of course, we cannot remove the right to those that want to live on the streets and they are free to continue to do so but all those that are street homeless will be offered a roof over their head whilst remaining in our city until their circumstances are established under the homelessness legislation. No Salford citizen will be made street homeless unless they have capacity and have chosen to. Homelessness services will be reviewed to ensure an adequate provision including a decency standard of temporary accommodation and no longer will homeless people in the city be treated like second-class citizens.


We commit that there will be NO rent increases on Council House rents for the next three years to recognise the difficult economic times Salfordians face and efficiencies will be found within the ring-fenced budget to ensure this is done.


All Council Homes will be brought up to The Decent Homes Standard within the period set out by central government and any monies will be spread throughout the whole city to ensure all area's benefit equally in bring council homes up to a decent standard.



In recognition of the shortage of social housing and council housing for Salford families any future developments will include a provision to include affordable housing for rent and shared ownership schemes, including where possible more new council house building.



We will liaise with all Housing Associations that manage housing stock within the city to as much as possible encourage them to follow our policy of no increases in rents for the next three years and will forcefully object publicly those that do not recognise the difficult times Salford families face.


We will have a zero-tolerance to housing-related anti-social behaviour. Housing-related anti-social behaviour will be combated swiftly and perpetrators dealt with forcefully.


We will have a zero-tolerance to domestic violence or any other housing-related violence and all victims will be looked after. Perpetrators will be dealt with swiftly and using the full force of law.


All remaining Council Homes will remain in full control of Salford City Council and no further transfers will take place unless central government forces us to.


No Salfordian will be forced to lose their home in the name of regeneration by having their home demolished. We are opposed to the ripping apart of our communities in the name of regeneration. No houses will be compulsorily purchased and all private homes that need regenerating will be done through grants to allow residents and communities to stay together.


We will support all resident associations and look where possible to delegate housing relating activities to associations to ensure they thrive and communities have a bigger say in how their neighbourhood is managed.



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