The Community Action Party Salford Manifesto 2012 - Anti-Poverty Strategy

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Anti-Poverty Strategy


The Community Action Party is committed to social justice.


We will encourage or put forward proposals to Salford City Council to adopt and implement an anti-poverty strategy.


All services purchased and provided by Salford City Council will be looked at to ensure they adopt, promote and sustain anti-poverty initiatives which must take into account the circumstances of the most disadvantaged in the community to ensure these communities have full access to all services provided by Salford City Council.


In implementing an Anti-Poverty strategy, we would ensure that those on means-tested benefits, pensioners, children and people with disabilities as well as refugee's have full access to services and provide them for these communities at least cost as possible. Some services, for example, which promote healthy living and healthier communities like allotments would, where possible, be provided free of charge as the cost benefits far out way initial costs.


In implementing an Anti-poverty Strategy, all services provided by Salford City Council would be looked at and those services that protect, improve the life chances and well-being of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, would take priority over what has become known as “pet project” initiatives for example the £20 million sponsorship of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. The Community Action Party will support an adequate day centre provision for our elderly and many other initiatives before for example like on schemes above-mentioned.


The Community Action Party recognises that an Anti-Poverty strategy improves the life chances, well-being and financial circumstance of the most disadvantaged in the community and this would be reflected in all the services we provide.

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