The Community Action Party in Greater Manchester.

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Whilst no-one seems able to stop the Labour dominance in Greater Manchester the Community Action Party outlines its vision to take on Labour in their heartlands right up to 2014 and beyond.

The local elections of 2012 are over and the one Mayoral election in Salford has finished with a Salford Mayor who voted for the Iraq War which resulted in millions dying and millions being displaced and a Salford Mayor Ian Stewart when as MP for Eccles also voted against an investigation into the Iraq War which many believe to be a cover up for the then Labour government.

In Manchester every single council seat is held by the Labour Party after the 2012 elections, in Salford the Liberal Democrats have been wiped out and the Conservatives continue their appalling record of opposition of merely just turning up to meetings without giving Labour a real fight and having their numbers dwindled year on year.

The left in Greater Manchester despite many years of attempts, whether it be the Greens in Manchester, the Greens in Salford or other left groups like the Socialist Party or the Socialist Workers Party have failed miserably to make the case of the left to oppose cuts, stop mass redundancies and to campaign to end Council perks and junkets abroad with the result that any opposition to Labour in many area's of Greater Manchester has been wiped out.

The Community Action Party is going to take the fight to Labour in their heartlands up to 2014 and beyond in Greater Manchester.

In 2004 the Community Action Party sensationally won 18 seats from Labour in Wigan where it is now recognised as a major political force in the town. In 2012 the party were able to field candidates in Wigan and the city of Salford including fighting for the directly-elected Mayor for the city of Salford.

The Community Action Party fielded a record number of council candidates in Salford in 2012. The Party is well placed to re-establish itself in Wigan as a major political force where we believe we can regain electoral success in the town in 2014 and before.

The Community Action Party is a minor political Party that is supported and funded by community activists, local people and is not funded by big business or the unions. The party was formed in Wigan in 2002 by construction industry professional Peter Franzen who is leader of the Community Action Party.

Peter Franzen Leader of the Community Action Party says "If you are disatisfied with whats going on in your area come and join us. If you are opposed to Labour and what they are doing to jobs, supporting the cuts and wasting our millions come and join us. If you support your communities come and join us. We are going to take the fight to them in their heartlands."

The Community Action Party aims to field candidates in 2014 throughout Greater Manchester. We can confirm in Salford we already have in place a record number of candidates for the 2014 elections even surpassing this years elections and in Wigan we believe we will be the main opposition to Labour in their stronghold of Wigan.

The party's aim is to become a major political force in Greater Manchester.

Email - or for details on how to join us. for further details.

Telephone Peter Franzen on 01942 706600 or Michael Moulding 0161 7948483

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