The Bedroom Tax

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Letter sent by me to WEP on 3rd June 2013


"Dear Editor,

I am responding to your article WEP Saturday 1st June 2013 regarding "The Bedroom Tax."

Wigan's Community Action Party has called for the reclassification of Wigan & Leigh Housing properties, following the decision by other Labour Council's to do so, the latest being Leeds City Council, in order to eliminate or reduce the effects of "The Bedroom Tax" for thousands of families in our Borough.

The Chief Executive of W&LH has said reclassification as an option remains open after previously describing the governments policy as "wicked".

Many families living in the Borough, struggling to get by and living in poverty on a day to day basis who are affected by "The Bedroom Tax" are hoping that W&LH can provide them with some real help by reclassifying their properties as quickly as possible.

For every day the housing chief ponders, postures and delays - families struggle, parents wonder whether they can keep their homes and children may be going hungry.

Come on housing chief - show that you were genuine in your concern and alleviate the effects of "The Bedroom Tax" and reclassify your companies properties NOW.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party"

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