SWinton Unitarian Burial Ground - Update

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

Grimleys/Asda/Salford Council/Mr Bartram all cannot be trusted on this issue. A £125,000 has already changed hands for a covenant that had a residual financial value but was "invaluable" to surviving relatives as it protected the burial ground and those resting in peace. The land should never have been sold by the Council and the church has betrayed its own and the amount of money paid to lift the covenant is such that Asda will not change its mind. They are set on the proposals and in fact been on a mission as highlighted in this weeks Salford Advertiser to persuade all those not affected by the proposed Asda to go along with the proposal, despite objections from affected families. They dont give two hoots. Even Salford Council/Councillors are trying to evade their responsibility by sayin...g that the burial ground/exhumations etc are not part of the planning process. None of them can ever be trusted and they are all an utter disgrace. My final piece of advice to surviving relatives is as follows :-

Councillors on the planning panel all act in a quasi-judicial manner. This means each member of the planning panel must act in this manner and follow due process. The burial ground is public-open space. It is not derelict land. This fact has to be considered within the planning application as does the fact it is a burial ground. If this issue is not considered within the overall planning application and the panel or any individuals state in their support for the Asda proposals clearly state or any officers or the report indicates these factors are not considered it is my view that a judicial review of the decision is possible. Therefore, it is my view that all surviving relatives should seek immediate legal advice/support. A judicial review if successful would halt the proposals and the process must be started again.

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