Swinton Unemployed Discrimination ?

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About 3/4 years ago the Swinton Job Centre was closed down. It was sited next to the Swinton labour Club which is also now closed. It is now the site for the proposed new Asda store.


The UK is suffering an economical downturn and whilst we all agree people should work you can only work if there are jobs to do.


So why am I writing this blog ? The reason being that the Swinton unemployed in the city of Salford I believe have been discriminated against by the closure of the towns only job centre.


If you are unemployed living in Swinton you can only sign on by travelling to either farnworth, Eccles, Walkden or the edge of manchester. If you dont drive or you dont walk which in fairness to even the unemployed I dont thinks its reasonable to walk that distance, or you dont have a bike you have to travel by First Buses (see my other blog) and pay their extortionate bus fares ie a £4.50 daily pass just to sign on and collect their measly £67.50 pw x 2 !


The other issue is that being unemployed in Swinton you can hardly say - I just nipping to the job centre to see latest jobs available if you having to travel miles in order to do it.


I do not recall Hazel Blears MP objecting to the closure of the Swinton job centre at the time so our town doesnt even have a job centre where local people can nip in to update themselves of latest vacancies.


A disgrace and clear discrimination to Swinton unemployed.

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