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Ex-forces Soldier fights for Swinton South !

The Community Action Party is proud to announce the candidature of ex-forces soldier Geoff Ashall for the ward of Swinton South in this years local elections in the city of Salford.

Mr Geoff Ashall was a Private Ashall in the then First Batallion Kings Own Border Regiment, now First Batallion of the Duke of Lancaster.

Mr Geoff Ashall lives in Swinton is aged 51, married and currently an HGV driver.

Geoff has served tours of duty in Ireland, Berlin, Canada & Falklands and was stationed in Blackpool.

Geoff has become extremely dismayed at the thought of a World War 1 soldier being removed from his final resting place at the former Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground on Swinton Hall Rd and is so disturbed by the proposals he has decided to support our campaigns.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford mayor says "We are extremely proud to have Mr Geoff Ashall on board. He has taken an avid interest in our campaign to preserve a burial ground containing a War Grave that he wants to support us as much as he can. He would make an excellent councillor for Swinton South!"

Mr Geoff Ashall formerly of the First Batallion Kings Own Border Regiment says "I am delighted to be nominated by the Community Action Party and I am extremely honoured. A soldier's final resting place should remain exactly that. The soldier concerned lost his life fighting for our country and should not be removed in the name of profit. I promise in the event I am elected I will serve the residents of Swinton South and put their priorities first."

Peter Franzen, Leader of the Community Action Party states "We are delighted to support Mr Ashall's candidature and we are in no doubt he will make an excellent councillor."

You can follow Geoff's campaign for Swinton South in this years local elections at "Geoff Ashall for Swinton South, Salford".

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