Swinton's Unemployed Discrimination !

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The Community Action Party Team in Swinton have condemned the clear discrimination to Swinton's Unemployed !

The Community Action Party in Swinton Mike Moulding (Swinton North), Gillian Welsh (Pendlebury) Geoff Ashall (Swinton South) and Matt Andrews (Claremont) will campaign for Swinton's Job Centre to return.

Swinton's Job Centre was closed down about five years ago sited near the Precinct on Station Rd and since Swinton has no job centre. Due to the economic downturn more and more of SWinton's unemployed have contacted the Community Action Party team about this problem.

If you live in Swinton and you are unemployed the nearest job centre's are near Manchester, Walkden or Eccles or even Farnworth. All at least several miles away.

The Community Action Party team believe this is clear discrimination to Swinton's unemployed.

To travel such distances even by a costly bus journey for such a small benefit payment in times of economic hardship is clearly not right and unfair. CAP also believe as a result of these distances Swinton's Unemployed also find it harder to get a job.

Matt Andrews (Claremont) says "This is a clear unfairness and its wrong."

Geoff Ashall (Swinton South) says "Why should the town of Swinton not have a job centre ? It clearly should."

Gillian Welsh (right) says "Many of Swinton's unemployed have to walk miles to as far away as Walkden because our town doesnt even have a job centre. Its a disgrace!"

Mike Moulding (Swinton North) says "This is a fine example where Salford Labour have neglected the town of SWinton and its people. When the job centre closed there wasnt a boo from those in power and the town is now suffering as a result. They should be throughly ashamed." END


Michael Moulding, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY 0161 7948483

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Anti-Politician 04/08/2012 13:05

If elected , will you get rid of obscene-salaried Spicer ?

mikemouldingcommunity-action 04/09/2012 15:14

All I am allowed to say at present is that all senior positions will be reviewed including the Chief Executive !