Swinton Asda Planning Application - Update

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I am designing a leaflet to be distributed throughout the town on behalf of The Community Action Party which supports the retention and preservation the burial ground, outlining the story in more detail and to advertise Saturdays Circle of Remembrance 24th March 2012 at 12.00 noon and to urge as many people to attend as possible. The event is organised to put a symbolic protective human ring around the burial ground and we need as many people as possible to attend young or elderly. All welcome. I am also going to inform the town of Swinton the following and describe the acts as shameful as follows :-

1) That Salford City Council sold a burial ground to a profit making company. That the land is known as a burial ground and they knew this at the time they sold it.

2) The sections of Salford City Council when selling the land to raise funds for the Council by selling burial land containing 313 people resting did so when they held records that :-

a) The burial site contained a War Grave containing the remains of a WW1 soldier Pte W L Blears. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission where informed by me of the proposed removal of this War Hero and their view that War Graves should where possible be preserved.

b) The burial site contains victims of the Clifton Pit Disaster and more details will be supplied about this.

3) That the covenant protecting the site from development was released by an undisclosed payment exchanging between the owners/and/or agents of owner to the Unitarian Church.

4) That it is my opinion that the desriptions used by Asda to describe the land as wasteland is "offensive to the community, the deceased and their surviving relatives" when clearly the land is public open space.

5) That the Friends of Swinton Unitarian Burial ground with the support of some relatives would like the burial ground to be retained and converted into a remembrance garden.

6) That an officer of Salford City Council is now on public record in a document that was sent to all elected members of Salford City Council, that the land is quote "now used as public open space" and therefore is a valuable open space.

7) That the planning applicant Grimleys & West Brom Building Society have offered section 106 money to incentivise Salford Council into giving planning permission £9,486.37 for Construction Industry Training.

8) That the company in the event of remains being removed were to rebury them at a Salford Cemetery at Peel Green and Swinton cemetery was only considered because of my intervention ie the company did not even know a Swinton cemetery existed.


9) That the land remains unmarked as burial ground and the private owner has refused so far to reinstall the sign marking the land.


10) That any remains found are to be bagged up and in the event of no surviving relatives are to be reinterred in the one larger grave together.

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