Swinton North ward - Save our Swinton !

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Save our Swinton !

The Community Action Party is proud to announce the candidature of community campaigner Michael Moulding for the ward of Swinton North in the city of Salford in this years local elections.

Mike Moulding from Wyndham Avenue is aged 43 years old, has lived in Swinton for many years and has over 25 years of public service experience. Mike has one son and is soon to become a grandad for the first time.

Mike Moulding has been campaigning hard throughout Swinton and beyond to try and bring much needed change to the city of Salford and our proud town of Swinton.

Mike Moulding campaigned for a YES vote in the recent mayoral referendum and for the current council leader John Merry to go.

Michael Moulding is now campaigning to save Swinton and rid Swinton North of career politician's which Mike believes has been responsible for the town's deterioration.    

Mike Moulding believes enough is enough and Swinton needs to say enough is enough and rid our town of elected representatives that take our town for granted.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Swinton North says "I campaigned for a Swinton constituency. Derek Antrobus failed to support me. I campaigned for a directly elected mayor and we achieved this. Derek Antrobus campaigned for NO change. I campaigned for council leader John Merry to go. Derek Antrobus supported his candidature for Labour's nomination for mayor and he failed. Salford Labour has failed Swinton and has failed Salford."

Mike continues "Swinton's identity has been put at risk by Salford Labour. They are trying to wipe Swinton off the electoral map altogether and eradicate Swinton as a town in its own right. Swinton for too long has gone down hill. Its so bad that these career politicians are proclaiming success that we are all suppose to be grateful because an Asda supermarket is coming to town. The fact is that they have run Swinton downhill so bad that somehow a new supermarket is all they can attract. Its very sad endictment of this regime"

Salford Labour fund Salford Reds and Labour cronie John Wilkinson who has financed Salford Labour Hazel Blears yet Salford Labour have done nothing to stop the demise of Swinton Lions from our town. Salford Labour's cronyism at its worst".

I am proud to be nominated by my party and if I am successful I will do all I can to help improve the lives of all Swinton North residents and to cherish, protect and enhance our proud town of Swinton which I love."

Peter Franzen, Leader of the Community Action Party states "Mike is an excellent campaigner and worker and has already helped so many people and made an impact in Swinton & Salford. We are proud to have him on board and to lead our team in Salford. He will make a first-class councillor in Swinton North!"

Michael Moulding is also the Community Action Party's candidate for Salford Mayor.

You can join Michael Moulding's campaign by joining him on Facebook at "Michael Moulding for Salford Mayor - Community Action Party". END

Mike Moulding is pictured right.

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