Swinton Labour in Panic Mode !

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The Community Action Party in Swinton have noted that Swinton Labour are in Panic Mode !

The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor and Swinton North ward candidate for the local elections Michael Moulding has worked tirelessly for the people of Swinton and the people of Salford.

Mike Moulding has worked tirelessly for months on end working for local people for no reward whatsoever and in fact, his campaigns have been self-funded.

The Community Action Party led by Michael Moulding have been responsible for :-

Helping a pensioner named Sylvia get rehoused after she was abandoned by salford labour and her landlord. The pensioner concerned suffered terribly and Mike Moulding supported her throughout the whole ordeal and put his own tenancy at risk to force her landlord into rehousing her. The Community Action Party team can confirm that Sylvia is now enjoying the rest of her days and we were delighted to help such a wonderful lady.

Initiating the campaign to stop the removal of 313 Swintonians being removed from their final resting place, including a World War 1 hero and victims of the 1885 Clifton Pit disaster. The campaign continues.

In Swinton North Mike Moulding put his tenancy at risk when he informed local people that they were entitled to a £200.00 decorating grant which the authorities were going to keep secret from the community until Mike stepped in and wrote everyone a letter urging them to claim their allowance. This resulted in several thousands being distributed but Mike's landlord telephoned him to say they were disappointed with his actions. Mike says "I would do it again."

Mike Moulding formed the Swinton & District Allotments & leisure Gardeners Association which resulted in the regeneration of allotment sites all over Swinton. Mike helped to secure over £40,000 in regeneration monies including Lottery money where many allotment holders benefitted from such investment.

Due to Mike's campaign against crime & anti-social behaviour, anti-social louts were removed from a community in Swinton which were causing the lives of many to be affected in a serious detrimental way. Their landlord was doing little to combat the problem so Mike printed and delivered around 15,000 leaflets asking local people to consider why this housing provider was a shambles. Within a few short weeks the louts were gone.

Mike Moulding highlighted serious local failures where money that was meant for community activities was being spent on a few for freebie dinners. Once this came out the yearly grant was then used towards a FUN day where the whole community was invited.

The Community Action Party is supporting a couple, where one is still recovering from Cancer and both person's may have been exposed to asbestos since diagnosis.

The Community Action party team led by Michael Moulding have delivered over 140,000 leaflets keeping local people informed.

Mike Moulding against all the odds campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor for Salford and we succeeded. The majority of the city now believe a directly-elected mayor is good for Salford.

Michael Moulding the Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor and Swinton North says "I have worked my socks off but I have loved every minute of it and every penny I have spent has been worth it. All I want is a better Salford and anything I can do to assist a better salford I will. I will continue to work my guts off for Salford, for Swinton and the good people of Swinton North."

The Community Action party are fielding candidates as follows :-

Michael Moulding for Salford Mayor
Matt Andrews for Claremont ward
Gillian Welsh for Pendlebury ward
Jo Russell for Weaste & Seedley
Geoff Ashall for Swinton South
Michael Moulding for Swinton North END


Michael Moulding 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, m27 6PY

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