Swinton is becoming a victim of supermarket wars !

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How very sad on my travels over the weekend to see that Morrisons have put a planning application to extend their store to Pendlebury Rd, as they have purchased the land up to Minerva Hse and including Minerva Hse I am led to believe from Salford City Council.


Morrisons have clearly done this in response to the proposed Asda development, because it is clear in the event Asda get planning permission, Morrisons will be under severe threat if they fail to compete. But I would be aghast if such permission was granted.


Can you imagine the nightmare of living near two superstores, with the traffic and mayhem that would be caused as the residents living nearby would have to endure. I cannot believe that Salford City Council would grant permission. My guess is that if Asda get the go-ahead then Morrisons will be refused, I believe, which would then put that particular supermarket at serious threat of closure or downsizing resulting in job losses to some Morrisons staff.


Asda have said to me in response to a question about their Pendlebury store that it is their intention to keep it open when you only would have to walk down Station Rd to their new proposed Asda superstore ? I dont believe them.


Many businesses have already closed on SWinton Precinct which has already resulted in job losses for local people who worked in these shops who were forced to close by Grimleys to make way for Asda.


I dont know if this is true but I am hearing rumours that Tesco want a slaice of the action so we will wait and see on that one.


Lets consider whats on the table. Asda want their superstore and they allegedly say it will create 250 jobs. I dont believe them because they want local people to support the project hence an exageration of job creation but lets go on their figures. Jobs have already been lost on the Precinct, do not know the exact figure but lets say 15 jobs have gone and more will too when all the shops that have to close do so. Lets say 30 jobs going on the Precinct to make way for Asda.


In my opinion, because other outlets would not be able to compete eg B&M bargains, Chappells the butchers, there may be other job losses too.


I do not believe the Pendlebury Asda store will stay open. Why would it when theres a superstore within a 5 or 10 minutes walk ? The jobs there would transfer to the new superstore lets say anything up to 40 jobs. This 250 has now been reduced to 170 in my opinion and we have not even considered the consequences to Morrisons staff if they are refused permission to expand and in the scenario they are struggling to compete with an Asda supestore, which I believe they will do so.


So this so-called job creation is not as valuable to the local community as one thinks and in fact well respected organisations like Friends of the Earth say superstores are bad for the local economy not beneficial as they suck the majority of money into their business at the expense of other thriving businesses in the local community where the store would be sited.


I believe there is an element of truth in this.


How very sad though that SWinton has got so bad that some feel a superstore would be a boost for the town and trying to sell it in that way, when in reality as explained at best some low paid jobs would be created but at what price ?


I am in no doubt that local politicians will be jumping on the supermarket bandwagon selling the hard sell to the community as they lack the vision and the imagination to regenerate the town in different ways, this lack of imagination that has resulted in the town we have now.



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Anon 04/24/2012 20:56

Been really interested in catching up on what people think on the Asda taking over swinton precinct situation. The only thing i'll just mention is that there are other Asda superstores with Asda
supermarkets close by. For example, Leigh. It's literally a couple of minutes walk away and from eachother. As far as i'm aware, both of the stores are doing particulaly well considering. However,
i do agree that supermarkets do leech on communities and small businesses. It's a quick and easy way to boost an area but has no community value. The asda supermarket on pendlebury road is pretty
much facing elderly homes and is at the side of a council estate. It's a convenience for those people if they just want to grab a few items and don't want to trapse round a massive store to get a
loaf of bread and a bottle of milk. I love swinton precinct. If you don't want to pay supermarket prices and want to shop at the freezer place, for example, it's more convenient. It's a shame that
people are going to lose out on those opportunities and instead will have to travel further afield to get more for their money. Asda isn't cheap these days.

suzanne 03/25/2012 22:42

I think its a good idea having a asda in swinton, and as for a cemetry in swinton i didnt have a clue the was one, my parents cant even remember it being there, as far as im concerned the council
ran the precinct to the ground, we dont have the lancastrian hall anymore because they can-not be bothered repairing it, i am swinton born and bred, and its high time something good came along, and
asda is a good thing, it will create jobs and jobs is what this area needs