Swinton Community Action Party Team Unveiled.

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Community Action Party back in force in Salford.

The Community Action Party is fielding a record number of candidates in this years local elections in the city of Salford. The party has been fighting hard for recognition for the past 12 months and recent successes have included campaigning in the recent mayoral referendum for a YES vote and for Salford Council Leader John Merry to go.

The Community Action Party has primarily been campaigning in the town of Swinton and beyond and is receiving growing recognition for its contribution to local life.

Michael Moulding, the Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "We have worked extremely hard in Swinton and Salford and I am pleased that we are able to challenge all seats in Swinton and beyond."

The Leader of the Community Action Party Peter Franzen says "We are a credible alternative to the three main parties and we stand on a platform of no nonsence politics, honesty and integrity".

The following are the Community Action Parties candidates in this years local and mayoral elections.

Salford Mayor - Michael Moulding

Swinton North ward - Michael Moulding
Claremont ward - Matt Andrews
Swinton South ward - Geoff Ashall
Pendlebury ward - Gillian Welsh.

Community Action Party Leader Peter Franzen says "Our candidates in Salford led by Michael Moulding have a wealth of experience and qualities which will serve their wards, the town of Swinton and Salford well".END


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