Swinton Asda Planning Application - Update

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I want to thank those who have contacted me by message, written or verbal for their kind and warm comments for the work I have been doing.


I am pleased to say there is a thriving and active community group that has been set up to preserve the burial which can be found on Facebook at "Friends of Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground". Please join the group if you support the campaign to preserve the burial ground.


I am delighted that it is the community that is now leading on this campaign as this is the best chance we have of preserving the burial ground for future generations.


I am utterly appalled at the response by a few people though. I cannot believe that a few people actually support removing the dead from their final resting place, even removing a War Hero from his War Grave. An utterly disgusting idea and if the town actually lets this happen then as far as I am concerned it is a shameful act.


All 313 resting at the Swinton Unitarian Burial ground are of equal importance but the land is of historical and is part of Swinton's heritage. The burial ground has resting some victims of the Clifton Pit Disaster in the late 1800's and it also includes a War Grave containing the remains of Pte Wilbraham L Blears, a World War 1 soldier who sacrificed his life for our country.


I am told the Borough of Swinton & Pendlebury failed to honour its official war dead after World War 2 in an official Roll of Honour which has been described as "shame". The removal of a War Grave containg a War Hero and soldier from his final resting place in my opinion is just as shameful.


Yesterday, I have received an anonymous letter with information which is accurate and truthful. This information in due course will be made public by me if Salford City Council fails to do it. What this letter contains as far as I am concerned epitimises Salford City Council to a T !


Three pieces of silver and betrayal are words applicable to what will be exposed in due course. DISGUSTING !


RIP All those at the Swinton Unitarian Church Burial Ground.

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Mrs Sue Bamford 03/18/2012 12:52

We have only just heard about the possibility of the destruction of the graveyard of the Swinton Unitarian Free Church in Swinton. My great-grandparents, John and Jane Worthington together with
other family members are buried in Grave No. 3. We have a record going back to the first burial in 1864. The record shows 7 burials of family members in that plot. The last burial being Feb 26th
1941. We understand there may be more than 7 but do not know how, or where we can obtain this information. We still have the registration card of Grave No. 3 dated October 1926. My
great-grandparents lived in Granville Street, Swinton. We are against this destruction and feel that those buried should remain in their last resting place.

Regards, Sue & Gordon Bamford