Swinton Asda Planning Application - Update

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Myself on behalf of The Community Action Party identified important issues that need to be resolved in relation to the Asda planning application and the problems associated with the former Swinton Unitarian Church burial ground on SWinton Hall Rd.


I contacted a representative from Asda who did agree to meet with me and a selection of representatives from the community and the meeting was arranged for today. The representative from Asda was the Asda Property Communications Manager based in Leeds.


We met today at the Wardley Community Centre hired by The Community Action Party.


Representaives from the community included :-


Dorothy Tildsley - author of "Remembrance - Recollections of a Wartime Childhood in Swinton"

Harry Tildsley - husband of Dorothy.

Rodney Cadman - relative of deceased (descendant of Cadman's the plasterers)

Lizzie Leek - local historian

Sue Tydd - local historian/member of Friends of Salford Cemeteries

Emma Harrison - Salford War Memorial Trust

Michael Moulding - The Community Action Party


We all explained our individual reasons as to why the burial ground should be preserved. Its importance to local people, surviving relatives, its historical importance to Swinton, the number of deceased resting in peace, a war grave containing Pte W L Blears a World War 1 soldier along with other reasons.


We all said that our primary objective was to protect the burial ground from development, to preserve the land, allow those who lay to rest, cherish the land, care for the land, enhance and maintain the land for future generations of Swinton people.


We all made it clear we would like Asda to stay, to build their supermarket if they want to but to respect our wishes and compromise and listen and respond to our concerns.


Asda confirmed, in response to me informing the developer that it is offensive to disrespect the deceased identity in death by removing remains out of a town where they lived and lay in death ie to a cemetery miles away in Salford (propsed Peel Green) they have now confirmed for definate that any reinternment of the remains will be at SWinton cemetery unless surviving relatives state otherwise.


The Asda representative confirmed that he would go back to his organisation and establish if their was any possibility that the current plans submitted to Salford Council could be amended to reflect our concerns to preserve the burial ground.


I and others made it clear our campaign will continue if they do not take into account local peoples concerns. Asda said they will report back asap.


At 5.00 pm a further meeting was held where anyone with an interest in the burial ground was invited to attend at the Red Lion in SWinton. The Community Action Party organised and arranged this meeting to form a group to ensure the campaign is a community-led initiative. Myself as a committee member with others will participate in the group.


A group was officially formed named "Friends of Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground"


Mission statement to be agreed :-


Preservation of the land.

Enhance, cherish, maintain the land.

Provide  advice & support to friends and relatives of the deceased and represent the interests of those that have no surviving relatives.


Officers of the group :-


Chair - Emma Harrison

Vice Chair - Gillian Welsh

Secretary - Sue Tydd    


With thanks to


Asda Supermarkets

Dorothy Tildsley

Harry Tildsley

Sue Tydd

Emma Harrison

Lizzie Leek

Mr Marshall

Mrs Marshall

Gillian Welsh

Rodney Cadman


May God allow those to rest in peace at the Swinton Unitarian Church Chapel Yard Burial Ground.

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