Swinton Asda Planning Application - Political opportunism ?

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Since when has the Green Party of England with their alleged "green" credentials ever supported supermarkets ? Well - they do now in Salford and in particularly in Swinton !


Friends of the earth - an allay of the Green Party say supermarkets lose more jobs than they create with massive environmental damage and waste.


After many weeks of expressing concerns over Asda's plans after the releasing of the article in this weeks advertiser and the Swinton Green's accusing me of politicising what is a very important issue they then come out YES IN FAVOUR of the Asda's plans making no reference at all to the 313 people resting in peace that need to be removed.


After I found out what they were proposing a took a very difficult decision to oppose the plans. I did this knowing full well I would be accused of losing Swinton jobs and running down SWinton Precinct etc but sometimes not everything is a price worth paying and moral decency and respect for the dead I believe is a mark of a civilised society.


As a baptised Roman catholic I have been brought up to respect the deceased and the land they lay in and I am not going to change my mind now.


So the Salford Green Party are in favour of the Asda supermarket for Swinton, the talk of jobs etc when many already have lost their jobs with the closure of longstanding businesses like the fruit & veg shop which is no longer on the precinct, a family man, who luckily has found another job, lost his job that he no doubt loved and held for 14 years.


And in the chase for every single pound how many jobs will be at risk at Morrisons, Aldi and other businesses like Chappels the Butchers for this Asda superstore ?


Friends of the Earth state that supermarkets lose more jobs in a local economy than they create with the environmental damage they cause as highlighted I though eloquently by the Salford greens a few weeks ago !


So why the change of heart with not a mention about the deceased that have to be moved.Political opprotunism ? They are guilty !


 Lets pretend the dead dont matter, forget they are there and the problem will go away or stay quiet on the matter but as long as we get our supermarket so what ? Its not my grandma or grandad they shifting


..................... RIP all those at the Swinton Unitarian Church Chapel yard. 



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