Shamed Labour Councillor admits failure !

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Swinton South Labour Councillor Howard Balkind admits exclusively on Salfordonline that after an investigation into his conduct, that he fell below the standards he expected but as yet has failed to issue a public apology. Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party calls for his resignation or that he is removed as a Labour Councillor.

Shamed Labour Councillor Howard Balkind, councillor for Swinton South, has admitted exclusively on Salfordonline today 29/08/2012, that his conduct is such on reports submitted by Salfordonline on their community website, about the Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground debacle, where the Labour Salford Council approved the development of a burial ground, which has resulted in 313 resting souls to be exhumed from their final resting place, that he did in fact fall below the standards of what is expected of him.

In his comment, many weeks after the debacle had concluded, and after a complaint which was submitted to Salford Council, who presumably undertook an investigation into his conduct, the shamed Labour Councillor says

"Dear All, An investigation took place following complaints as to my standards in the above blog. Whilst I accept that these were below what was expected of me, I would ask those that have been councillors in the past and hope to be in the future to start acting as if they were elected representatives and reach the standards expected of them should they ever get themselves elected."

It is evident that an investigation has took place and it is not yet known what the outcome of this investigation is and whether Councillor Balkind was forced to issue the comment or whether he is preempting sanctions that may be imposed on him by Salford Council ?

However, there is a clear omission of an apology and instead of apologising for his shameful conduct Councillor Balkind tries to deflect his sensational admission by laying blame onto others who participated in the debates, but do not have to comply with the same standards as they are not Councillor's.

Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party and who was instrumental in the campaign to fight for the deceased and their families says "Councillor Balkinds conduct was appalling and clearly, in my opinion at the time, he did become extremely abusive to campaigners and as an elected representative of the city, he should have known better."

Mike continues "It seems he was reported by several activists in Salford and I can confirm I was not one of them. However, his vicious abuse was not only abusive to others but in my opinion his comments were desparaging to his Labour colleagues in Swinton."

"Councillor Balkind should apologise publicly for the abuse and to those privately he abused. He should apologise to Salfordonline for abusing their services in this way and the Labour Party should seriously look into whether he should in fact remain a Labour Councillor, because in my opinion, he is now a clear political embarrassment. Councillor Balkind should do the decent thing and resign."

Witten by Michael Moulding, Community Action Party

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