Save Salford & Scotland !

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

Those that campaigned to save a Salford consituency have confused me totally.


On the one hand they have vociferously attacked me for trying to save Swinton and allegedly putting Salford at risk, which has always been complete nonsence, their pride in being Salfordian and in their opposition against having a directly-elected mayor accusing outsiders of coming to Salford, those that have businesses here but were not born in Salford, influencing local democracy and them being criticised for doing so and what happens when the Labour party announce their Scottish born candidate from Glasgow ?


They all come out and support him !!!!


Now it makes no difference to me whether you born in Salford or not and it never has done, hence my campaigns as I believe if you live in the city, pay your taxes, we live in a democracy you have every right to participate in the democratic process but in opposing such moves the Save Salford campaigners have truly perplexed me or are they just hypocrites ?


If the person is good enough for the job thats fine but to criticise non-Salfordians for engaging in the democratic process and then supporting a Scottish guy for mayor smacks of sheer hypocrisy !




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