Save our Swinton - The next stage !

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Today is a big day for the campaign to "Save our Swinton!"


My self on behalf of The Community Action Party has been campaigning throughout Swinton to "Save our Swinton!"


I have written many blogs about the subject and will continue to do so because of its importance to our town.


The Boundary Commission proposed the setting up of a Swinton constituency, have held a consultation and today is the next stage in that process.


All evidence presented to the Commission is being made public by them at 12.00 noon today. Their website can be found by keying The Boundary Commission for England.


I supported both a Salford and a Swinton constituency. It was possible to have both.


A Salford & manchester central constituency covering real Salford and central manchester and a SWinton & Eccles constituenccy which covers both the towns of Swinton & Eccles.


The Labour Party and Derek Antrobus voted against this at Salford Council as stated previously in further blogs.


However, why is a SWinton constituency good for Swinton ?


1) It is widely accepted that having a parliamentary constituency in the towns name brings economic investment to that area as a good MP would promote the towns they are suppose to represent.


2) It gives respect to the fact that Swinton (and Eccles) is a town in its own right.


3) It enhances the pride of an individual who was born and bred in Swinton and about being SWintonian.


4) It puts Swinton on the national stage.


5)  It goes some way to righting the wrong when the abolition of the Borough of Swinton & Pendlebury took place in 1974.


The benefits of a Swinton constituency are massive for the town. Salford Labour and Derek Antrobus voted against a Swinton constituency.


Today is the next stage in that process and I am confident, hopefully, we will succeed. Lets hope so.

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