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The ConDem government intend to abolish Disability Living Allowance and replace this benefit with Personal Independence Payments.


Disability Living Allowance has been extremely successful in transforming the quality of life of those people living with disabilities or long-term and/or life-long illnesses. This is undisputed and widely accepted even from World Famous Paralympians who have said without it, they would not be competing in Sporting events.


No system is perfect ever, but why change a system that has clearly been successful ?


Every person receiving this benefit, their relatives or friend or family and all Carers should oppose the abolition of Disability Living Allowance and stand up say how sucessful it has been because if you do not it is going, as part of the ConDems attacks on the most vulnerable in society.


In recent days I noticed two things that has made me extremely concerned about what is happening :-


1) At last weeks Prime Minister Questions DC answered a question from Labour MP Anne Mcguire when she opposed cuts to Disability Living Allowance and DC replied that the new Personal Independence Payments have been drawn up with the support of groups who purport to represent people with disabilities ?


2) The ConDems arguments that DLA is abused and therefore those that are "really" disabled are at a disadvantage as a result ?


The FACT is only around 0.3% of DLA claims are fraudulently claimed. So in effect, what the government is really saying is that they do not like the rules of Disability Living Allowance because they believe must they not that many who receive DLA now should not be getting it ?


Whether this is correct or not, as its a matter of opinion, a benefit that has been designed to allow some to be legitimately entitled does not mean that those people are fraudulently claiming DLA ?


If the government really believes this to be the case then why dont they just change the rules to ensure those that they think should not be getting DLA are not in a position to qualify instead of creating a whole new system at a cost of hundreds of millions of pounds ?


David Cameron claims to have the support of the disability lobby in the setting up of Personal Independence Payments ? So is the Disability Lobby in favour of the abolition of DLA and if so has David Cameron "used" them into believing savage cuts will not be made as a result or has the disability lobby been naive enough to believe this claptrap or are they in fact happy to have a system changed where those not in the severest disability categories to be attacked and have their support stopped or slashed ?


I am sadly seeing growing evidence that in fact disability groups do in fact support the abolition of Disability Living Allowance but in doing so who have they really consulted ? Have these voluntary groups felt obliged to go along with the ConDems propaganda with a possible threat of even more savage cuts to voluntary organisations that provide much needed support in our communities from government ?


If the disability lobby have gone along with the ConDems without a fight or supported this change then as far as I am concerned they have let every disabled person down who will now as a result have to demonstrate, once again, in a harsher and more savage system, thatb they need help from a government that does not want to give it to you. 


To attack people living with disabilities is the lowest of the low. I find it amazing or I should not be when in a selfish society when the police lobby are able to co-ordinate themselves so well to campaign for their already handsome pensions to be protected better than the fragmented disability lobby who can be so easily coersed by a ConDem government into foolishly thinking that they have NO intentions of attacking the most vulnerable in society ?


We all need to fight this ConDems sick attack of people with disabilities & life-long or severe illnesses in their attempts to slash their benefits. In a society for those that believe in compassion we should fight them - support people that need our help.


Please sign my petition on HM Government website to stop the abolition of Disability Living Allowance. Many thanks


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Anti-Politician 09/10/2012 18:15

Great stuff, Mike.
I've signed the petition.
In full support .