Salford's Green Oasis

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The Community Action Party in Salford wants to significantly increase the number of people in the city that grow their own, have access to fresh fruit and vegetables, significanyl increase the number of allotments, promote selfmanagement schemes and use unused land for the purposes of vegetable and fruit growing.


We want the city to become an gree oasis that supports local people and improves peoples health.


Having access to fresh fruit & vegetables and growing your own improves health by exercise, healthier eating, better mental health through physical and outdoor activity and is better for the environment. It also promotes anti-poverty initiatives.


The Community Action Party in Salford would promote the following :-


1) An increase year on year on the number of allotments in the city.

2) Encourage local people and residents groups to identify unused land for the purposes of growing their own.

3) Replace conventional tree planting with planting fruit trees in communities in abundance so that local people have access to fruit in the heart of their communities growing year after year.

4) Implement self-management schemes on all allotment sites in the city.

5) Encourage residents groups to plant bulbs, trees, flowers and clean up derelict land.

6) Promote Britain in Bloom.


7) Resources would be identified within budget to promote above projects year on year to tturn Salford into a green oasis.  



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