"Salford Quays isnt for Salford People!" - Ken Keating

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"Salford Quay's isn't for Salford people!" - Salford Socialist Ken Keating's words.


And how true they sound today !


Ken even though he is no longer with us his legacy still lives on today and during the referendum campaign came to the fore when it was sensationally revealed that out of thousands of jobs that were available at the BBC Media UK site on the Quays, only 26 Salfordians secured positions, of which 10 are only 6 months contracts at £4.92 per hour greeting guests !


Ken Keating said "We were useful when dredging out the canal. But firms that have come to the Quays have brought in their own people".


Never a truer word spoken as thousands of BBC employees came up north to the new posh offices and the hundreds of vacancies that still existed all of them barring 26 went to others that do not even live in our city.


Salford's "white elephant" as I have already stated in my previous blogs where tens of millions of Salford's money was used to create BBC Media City UK contributing to Salford's £600 million pound debt and in return the reward for Salford people was 26 jobs !


My previous blog explains how I believe how our city has been put at risk which includes large corporations trying to rebrand themselves as in Manchester which includes our university and the BBC themselves.


This "rebranding" is being supported and encouraged by the establishment in Greater manchester including The Labour Party and Salford people should choose a mayor that is going to stand up for Salford and not give our city and opportunities away to the detriment of Salfordians and at enormous expense.


I am sure this is what Ken Keating would wish for Salford companies, Salford jobs for Salford people !

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