Salford Labour in disarray ? I dont think so !

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John Merry the current Labour Leader of Salford Council sought the Labour nomination for the position of directly-elected mayor backed by his cabinet of Salford Labour councillor's and got defeated. The Labour party in Salford chose Ian Stewart a former Labour MP.


I was extremely confident when campaigning for a YES vote we would achieve it. In achieving it I was even more confident that John Merry, despite his backing of his Labour cronies on the Councl, he would not get the nomination. In fact, I delivered 15,000 leaflets through out SWinton calling for his resignation. Despite this Merry tries to cling on and also gets the support of Swinton's No 1 career politician Derek Antrobus.


The Conservative Leader Karen Garrido has issued a press release saying Salford Labour are in disarray because John Merry did not get the Labour nomination.


Salford Labour Group of councillors on Salford Council in my opinion are corrupt. I am told they have a virtual closed shop where I personally know a well respected community campaigner and Labour Party member who has tried and tried to become a councillor and cannot even get selected by the Labour Party because of the protectionism that exists within Salford Labour.


A Labour councillor can be defeated in one ward but you can be assured this same councillor will turn up somewhere else until they are elected back onto the Council.


But this protectionism can only last for so long and the ruling Labour Group of councillors cannot control a whole party membership of over 700 members.


So is Councillor Garrido right when she says Salford Labour are in disorray ? Well, to a certain degree she may be right, but the rank & file of the Salford Labour Party in my opinion are not in disorray at all.



As Councillor Garrido has said she believes Salford Labour has failed our city for 40 years and currently led by a Councillor Merry who has made things worse. The ruling Labour elite tried to keep Merry in post and no doubt keep them in post if he succeeded but the rank & file of a party cannot be in disarray for ditching a failing politician who has let our city down.


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