Salford Council's "Homes to School" Transport Fury - Part 3

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Councillor John Merry angrily approaches Salfordonline rebutting Michael Moulding's concerns about the safety of school children in Salford being transported to school. On the 26th August a letter to Merry was sent and on two occasions Merry and/or Salford Council has failed to respond.

The Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party Michael Moulding has raised concerns through Salfordonline about the safety of Salford's "vulnerable" schoolchildren being transported to school and back after contracts where retendered recently by Salford Council, which has resulted in a fury where decades of services provided by local companies and licensed operators in this city where ignored for "dubious" operators outside the city !

Councillor John Merry and Labour councillors who were happy to attack Michael Moulding as "scaremongering" have ALL failed to reply to answer a set of questions as outlined previously on Salfordonline.

Therefore, Michael Moulding can now reveal through his sources that Salford Council have hired operators who are transporting Salford's "vulnerable" school children in vehicles owned by companies or individuals to school who have :-

1) Restricted Licenses only and therefore are not permitted to carry out the work that has been allocated.

2) Many of Salford's "vulnerable" children are being transported in vehicles that will not be covered for insurance purposes for the work they are undertaking and nor have the vehicles had the proper checks carried out by Salford Council for being suitable for the needs of the service the Council requires according to Health & Safety and meeting the needs of the children.

3) Possible unknown drivers not checked through Salford Council and do not even live in Salford or know its communities.

4) Major/many contracts have been awarded to companies/individuals that do not even primarily operate/live/work in Salford resulting in Salford people losing contracted work.

Nor Councillor Merry or any Labour Councillor has contacted me for details or responded to my enquiry which was made public because of Councillor Merry's readiness to ridicule the serious concerns I have made.

Michael Moulding says "Everyone on this matter I have spoken to have said Salford Council's primary concern was cost this is despite years of good & safe service provided by local operators in this city who were ignored."

This is a blog by Michael Moulding, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY. This has not been written or published by Salfordonline. In the event I am threatened with legal action I am happy to attend County Court with my witnesses to the above concerns.  

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Anti-Politician 09/10/2012 14:01

This is outrageous, Mike.